Swift MVVM-C demo


Sample iOS application in Swift presenting usage of MVVM-C pattern.

You can read more about MVVM-C in my article: MVVM + Coordinators + RxSwift and sample iOS application with authentication.

Application features

  • Sign in screen
  • Dashboard with sample data fetched from mocked backend
  • Onboarding displayed after login
  • Settings stored locally
  • Drawer menu with: dashboard, settings, sing out

Implementation features

  • Dendency Injection using Swinject
  • Session management
  • Translations fetched from backend
  • UI controls with settable translations on Storyboard
  • Api endpoints defined in OOP manner by subclassing BaseApiRequest<T>
  • Logging

Used technology

  • Swift 5
  • Xcode
  • Swinject
  • RxSwift
  • SideMenu
  • GitHub (source control)