Urban Game

Urban Game - game panorama
Urban Game – game panorama

Urban games are nowadays a very popular phenomena in a field of social events. They are becoming bigger and bigger in scale, attracting large groups of new players. Mobile applications give unique flexibility and new, inspiring possibilities.

This project has been done during Patronage in BLStream company. We created a mobile location-based game for Windows Phone. Together with other teams: iOS, Android, API and web we were working in SCRUM to make it done. It was a non-profit open source project, just to practice and gain new skills.


  • list of nearby games
  • different tasks for each game:
    • find a place (GPS location task)
    • answer a question
    • take a picture
    • scan a QR code
  • some answers require verification by a game moderator
  • high scores
  • operator alerts
  • toast notifications