Desktop Notes

Desktop Notes 2.0 [PL]
Desktop Notes 2.0 [PL]

First release: 2006

Desktop Notes 2.0 gives you colorful, simple and functional sticky notes for your desktop. The application has also a built-in reminder and task scheduler.


  • Sticky notes:
    • text note
    • date note (with optional alarm)
    • checklist note
  • Task scheduler actions:
    • shut down
    • reboot
    • logout
    • launch the application
    • close the application
  • Reminder:
    • single or periodical
    • multiple types with different icons
  • Manager provides quick access to all your notes, reminders and tasks.
  • Portability (easy to move with all data to another computer).
  • Works in system tray.

For now the application is available only in Polish, but send me an email if you would like to have this app in English ;-).