Open Source

Dance Floor

Dance Floor is a music game for single or two players. You have to hit arrows on time to get points. Life is limited so avoid bombs and don’t skip too many arrows.
Earth Explorer

Earth Explorer uses OpenGL 3.2 and NASA elevation data files (*.hgt) to render a 3D Earth. It was created for an exercise at my university. It’s rather a simple implementation, just to learn how OpenGL works.
Library Manager

Library Manager is a simple management application for public libraries. It can be connected with remote database and used by several people at the same time.

NugetAcknowledgementsExporter is a small tool responsible for extracting licenses from NuGet packages included in .NET projects.

Pizzernator displays pizza restaurants nearby you. This simple application will help you find easily all those places. It was created just to practice, so it might not be the most useful.
Running Crowd

Running Crowd uses OpenGL 3.2 to render a simulation of a running crowd. Humans are built from simple blocks without textures.

Swift MVVM-C Demo is a sample iOS application in Swift presenting usage of MVVM-C pattern.

SwiftUI Redux Demo is a sample iOS application in SwiftUI presenting mindblowing possibilities of Redux architecture.
Urban Game

Urban games are nowadays a very popular phenomena in a field of social events. This project has been done during Patronage in BLStream company. We created a mobile location-based game for Windows Phone.

WKFramework is a small framework written in C#. For now only settings, navigation and some utils are available.

xcodebuild.nvim is a plugin that lets you move your iOS, iPadOS and macOS apps development to Neovim. It supports most of Xcode actions that are required to work with a project, including device selection, building, launching, and testing.