Escapes Notebook – escape rooms tracking application

Visit best escape rooms in the world and track your achievements with Escapes Notebook! This application will help you create history of your escapes, control expenses and explore new escape rooms around the world.

Escapes Notebook gives you ultimate access to 5000+ companies with 9000+ escape rooms in 100+ countries, which is the biggest directory in the world and it will grow!



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Visits – iPhone
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Visits – iPad




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Used technology:

  • C# (.NET Framework 4.5)
  • Xamarin.Forms
  • Amazon Web Services
    • API Gateway
    • AWS Lambda
    • CloudWatch
  • Azure Search Service
  • Google Places
  • Prism Framework
  • Fabric Crashlytics
  • Firebase Analytics


  • iOS version: iPhone or iPad (iOS 9+)
  • Android version: Android phone or tablet (Android 5.0+)

Project status:

  • iOS – version 1.0.4 is available on App Store
  • Android – version 1.0.1 is available on Google Play
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App Store - Escapes Notebook

Google Play Store - Escapes Notebook



  • Jordan Tasker

    How do rooms get added, there are rooms in my area that are not in the app?

    • Hi @jordantasker:disqus ! This is a very first release of this application, so not every room is there. However, you or the owner can submit me missing rooms to and I will add them during next database update 😉

  • Please let us know when the android version will be online 🙂

  • Nah Tao

    That’s awesome… would you be interested in making an app where people can find other people to do escape rooms with? I started one using a free template but don’t know how to progress with it. I travel alone a lot so would love an app like this.

    • Sounds like a great idea! I will think about it, but first I want to release Android version. I think I could add it as a feature to Escapes Notebook 🙂

      • Nah Tao

        That would be fantastic.
        Let me know if you need help or ideas.
        I will share this app with my Escape Room meet up group.
        I was thinking it would be good if you could rate the person too… if they are friendly, helpful and share…give them stars. So others know if they are good to do a room with or not.

  • Alexandr Girshfeld

    Is there a list of all games in country available?

    • Not yet, currently you can search by room name, company name or city name.

      • Alexandr Girshfeld

        that is not very confy

  • Nah Tao

    I started using it at last… pretty easy to use and a great tool… I also appreciate the ads because I am always looking for new games.

    Are you able to make this so people can use it on a Desktop? Also, if I use it on one device (my iPad) I noticed the info isn’t saved to my mobile Ap.

    There are a few rooms missing from Sydney and I couldn’t find any for Vancouver Island.

    Lastly, do you think you could make it so people can find others to do rooms with ?
    I guess that would take a lot of work