Snippety for Mobile

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Snippety for Mobile is a complementary application for Snippety for macOS. This application gives you quick access to your snippets on mobile devices.

Snippety is taking advantage of iCloud and synchronizes database across all devices (macOS/iPadOS/iOS). The convenient syntax highlighting and grouping snippets into collections makes browsing easier.

You can also select any text (for example some code fragment on StackOverflow), use the “Share…” option from the pop-up menu, and quickly create a snippet.

Snippety for mobile is a simple client which is meant for creating snippets and browsing. Placeholders are supported only on macOS.

Used technology:

  • Swift 5
  • iCloud Documents
  • SwiftLint
  • SwiftGen
  • SnapKit
  • Sourcery
  • Highlightr
  • Firebase Analytics/Crashlytics
  • CocoaPods


  • iOS/iPadOS 12.0+


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