Mobile Applications

Escapes Notebook

Escapes Notebook gives you ultimate access to 5000+ companies with 10,000+ escape rooms in 100+ countries, which is the biggest directory in the world and it will grow!

Visit best escape rooms in the world and track your achievements with Escapes Notebook! This application will help you create history of your escapes, control expenses and explore new escape rooms around the world.

Random Movie

Random Movie will help you discover new movies adjusted to your favourite genres. Check out suggestions and choose the most promising one!

It’s a simple application, which uses a huge movie database to prepare random suggestions for you according to selected filters.

Smog Polska - iPhone

Smog Polska makes it easy to track air quality. Nice widget and automatic notifications assures up-to-date information from stations located across Poland. With Smog Polska you will always know when you should avoid walks and outside activities.
Snippety for mobile

Snippety improves productivity by providing quick access to your own snippets database. Keep there often used sentences, code fragments, mail templates, test data, or anything you like.