[C#] Get a PerformanceCounter using English name

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Each counter has its own category and name (sometimes also an instance name). To read performance data, we can create an instance like this: var counter = new PerformanceCounter(“IPv4”, “Datagrams/sec”); Unfortunately those names in parameters depend on system language. However, there is a way to get the PerformanceCounter knowing only the English name. WinAPI function PdhLookupPerfNameByIndex gets a […]

[C#] WinRT – how to detect supported IP versions

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To get information about supported IP versions by the network adapter, we need to go through assigned IP addresses and check their types. In WinRT there is NetworkInformation.GetHostNames(), which gets a list of host names associated with the local machine. Then we only need to filter results by the current network adapter id. In general it’s an ability to exchange […]

[C#] Embedded Class Libraries (DLL)

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Sometimes we need to prepare a single file application, but what if we want to split a code into DLLs or use 3rd party libraries? Fortunately .NET provides an event AssemblyResolve, which allows us to resolve them manually. In this article I will show how to prepare a Windows Forms Application with loading DLLs from resources. First we need to add references […]